Sunday, 7 July 2013

My first blog article

So here it is, my first article for my new blog, I'm going to document the rise of my Craftworld Iyanden, Eldar army.

I'm going to aim to create a 1500 point force quite quickly and 1850 shortly after that. As I play games with the army, no doubt it will evolve and some more units will be added. Lets see how it goes...

To start off here is a picture of my Farseer, Trevor. OK so I know its not a very Eldary name, but he seems to like it and it suits him.

The Farseer was painted with a mixture of new and old citadel paints, appropriately the yellow starts off as Iyanden Darksun and gradually is highlited up to Badmoon yellow. I've chosen to paint much of the weapons of the force in a wraith bone colour as apposed to the black seen elsewhere, for no real reason other than I prefer it.

Next up will be a unit of Dire Avengers, fortunately I picked up a box when GW kindly gave us 10 models in a box!

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