Friday, 12 July 2013

Dire Avengers

As I said in my previous post, I intend on keeping the momentum up so here is the first Dire Avenger model. I'll be painting this one as a test model to see if I'm happy with the colour scheme and techniques.

I'm using a blue wash over a humbrol matt grey undercoat, this gives good blue coverage and at the same time provides the first stages of highlights and shadows, its also fairly quick. From the photo you can also see the bone coloured shuriken catapult, the colour I'll be using for all of the armies weapons.
At this stage, the armour is complete, as is the gun, just the helmet, plumes and few other details to go.
I'll be painting the unit in two further groups, the next group will be five avengers and the second group will be four avengers including the Exarch.


  1. Hey mate, welcome to the blogging universe! Love the Dire Avenger. Can I just ask what blue wash you used? Plus what highlight colours? Interested to see how your army forms up so am going to add you to our blog roll.

  2. Great, thank you.

    The blue wash is the standard citadel blue ink from the old paint range, the highlights are enchanted blue, enchanted blue 50:50 with ice blue and finally ice blue. I'll post a more detailed how to for the finished unit, hopefully around the start of next week.

    1. Awesome thanks. Look forward to the rest of the squad being finished.