Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Wraithguard Have Been Awoken

In a flurry of successful hobby this weekend I have managed to build a unit of Wraithguard and paint them up. These are some of my favourite models in the new range, I really like the clean lines and much more dynamic poses.

I've chosen to give them D scythes for the AP2 template with distort rule :-) At 210 points they're not cheap and I'll need to add a Wave Serpent at some point to get the best out of them but I just couldn't resist the 5 template weapons in a single unit! I'm also considering adding a Spiritseer to make these guys a troops choice! 

Up next will be the Crimson Hunter, I expect it'll take a good while longer than these did to make and paint so the next post may be a WIP....

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